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Hiking and visual disability

People who have a poor eye-sight or who are blind, this page is for you!
I have the Handisport Qualification Certificate with the Hiking option that validates knowledge and skills related to the management of Handicap. Beyond this degree, I have to my credit a lot of experience and knowledge of all issues related to visual impairment. Indeed, I have accompanied many visually impaired people hiking over the last few years. I even guided Annie, a blind woman on the trails of Langtang in Nepal in 2011.
Either alone, or with your family or friends, I can help you discover the wonders of the mountain, in all seasons of the year, either walking or snowshoeing.
There are so many things to discover in nature when one has a visual disability: you can touch the rough bark of a tree, the softness of a natural meadow, feel the rich scent of the flowers, hear the chirping or the croaking of birds...
What better way than to achieve this adventure in the company of an experienced guide and an expert in nature?
All types of walks are achievable on foot: Either with snowshoes: For more information on outings, call me at +33-(0)6-63-08-66-30 or send me a message!