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Winter activities

Winter is a wonderful season to go hiking outside the beaten tracks in the snow!
Several options are available. I’ll let you find out for yourself!
Snowshoes and poles are provided in all my offers.

Discovering the snow-covered mountains (1/2 a day) with lunch in a Farmhouse Restaurant (optional)
When it is snowy in winter, everything is soft and muffled … Once you have put on your snowshoes (all provided by my services), we will set about exploring the mountain still asleep under its white coat. And who knows, maybe we will chance upon a squirrel, a fox or even one of those goblins that live in our beautiful forests. Hikes are possible in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening…complete card
A day trip with lunch provided at a Farmhouse Restaurant (optional)
Let’s set off together wandering about in the snow fields, slaloming between the trees and the beautiful fir and beech forests. Fully equipped with snowshoes and poles (all provided for by my services) we will watch the spoors left by wild animals and take advantage of the quietness of the mountains, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Meals can be taken at a Farmhouse Restaurant or a Mountain Refuge with extra charge (optional)…complete card
2 day trip with snowshoes and one night in a Farm House Restaurant or a Refuge
Who has never dreamt of leaving urbanized areas and immersing oneself for a whole week-end in a natural and preserved environment? Let’s set off fully equipped with our snowshoes and a small rucksack to find out about the marvels of mother nature. A welcoming Farmhouse Restaurant or a Refuge will opens its doors for you and make you find out about local gastronomy. This mini trip can take place in the Vosges, the Jura or the Black Forest…complete card