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Summer family activities

The Vosges mountain range where I live is a wonderful playground to practice outdoor activities with your family. There are plenty of footpaths, lakes, animals…: there is something for everyone!
The town of Gérardmer and the nearby town of La Bresse have been awarded the Famille Plus label, a quality label to go by if you want to make your holidays a success.
I also hold in store for you specific activities, to be done according to the pace of the smaller ones and where each member of the family can have fun.

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Chamois discoveries (half a day) with lunch and breakfast at a Farm House Restaurant (optional)
Early in the morning or towards the end of the day, we will go and look for the chamois that live on the crests of the Vosges. Either very closely or through binoculars, we will be able to observe them in their natural habitat and talk about their lifestyle and their environment. What’s more, the crests will afford you with a wonderful view in the early morning or when the sun is setting…complete card
Hiking to follow the tracks of animals living in the forest (½ day)
Let’s take the time to discover and rediscover the riches around us and let’s look out for the tracks the animals left: a footprint here, droppings there, a nest high up in a tree… Children will be amazed and daddy and mummy (or grand-dad and granny) will be able to bring out the inner child that lies in them! This hike is possible from a very early age on your parents’ back or on foot for the elder ones…complete card
The Robinson hike with one night spent in a Mountain Refuge
Share this unique feeling of being alone in the world in a mountain refuge with your child! In the afternoon we will set off on the footpaths to discover the mountains before arriving at a stylish Refuge or a Farm house restaurant where we will spend the night. On the next day we will go back home and who knows maybe we will be able to bathe in a lake on our way back…complete card