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Snoëlette : armchair suitable for the snow

The Snoëlette is an armchair suitable for the snow with two shafts in front and behind the seat, to drive it or to carry it if necessary. This tool is derived from the sit-ski, also called a monoski, designed for disabled people to enable them to wander on the snow.
I found out about the use of the Joëlette in 2005 through the Handi Cap Evasion association and ever since I haven’t spent one single winter without walking on the mountain paths with this funny device and its little sister: the Snoëlette!
I have been granted the Certificate of Handisport Qualification that validates knowledge and skills related to the management of Handicap. Beyond this degree, I have to my credit a lot of experience and knowledge of all disability issues.
When there is snow, the sounds are muffled and the feelings are unique.
There is no limit to the various types of snowshoeing activities that can be achieved using the Snoëlette: For more details on these activities, refer to the section Winter Activities and call me or send me a message to book!