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Summer activities

Treasure hunt

In the afternoon there will be a playful hike, marked with stops where we will be able to discover the world of the forest thanks to skills games and logic games (the plants quiz, animal footprints, the candle race …). The afternoon can be rounded up by a musical evening performance of the Cors des Alpes, the accordion, or the Epinette (a stringed instrument from the Vosges ) around a campfire.
  • Hike possible from an early age on your parents’ back or on foot for the elder ones
  • Level: easy (4-5 km and a difference in level between 100 and 200 m)
  • Average time: 2 h30 walking hours games included
  • Hike accessible to persons with reduced mobility with a Joëlette (a one-wheeled all-terrain chair) and also to seeing-impaired people (games can be adapted according to the senses: the sense of hearing, taste, touch, and smell)

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